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Winterhawk (Full Length Western Movie, HD, Classic Feature Film, English) *free full westerns*

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Full Western Movie, Full Length Cowboy Film, English: (1975), Rated 12, Runtime 1h 38min, Adventure, Western.

Winterhawk is a 1975 western film about an Indian chief from the Blackfoot tribe who attempts to get help for his tribe who have been infected by smallpox. He is betrayed by the people he seeks help from. The film stars Leif Erickson, Woody Strode, Denver Pyle, L.Q. Jones, Michael Dante and Elisha Cook Jr.

In 1845 Montana, a Blackfoot Chief tries to buy a cure for his tribe's small-pox infection but the white settlers are unsympathetic forcing the Indian Chief to resort to desperate measures.

Director: Charles B. Pierce
Writers: Charles B. Pierce, Earl E. Smith (narration written by)
Stars: Leif Erickson, Woody Strode, Denver Pyle

The film is set in the early 19th century. Winterhawk, the chief of a Blackfoot tribe and played by Michael Dante, seeks help for his smallpox infected tribe by attempting to trade furs. In a double cross, the furs are stolen. Following the double cross, which involves the theft of his furs and pelts and the killing of his two companions, he and his braves come back to the town. He takes his revenge by kidnapping a white woman, played by Dawn Wells, and her young brother. He is then pursued by a posse.

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