The REAL Reason Gaming Isn’t Fun Anymore


Most people aren't talking about the REAL reason that gaming is no longer as fun. I don't think many people are considering just how good we had it. Year after year getting insanely fun release after insanely fun release. New gameplay mechanics never before seen, EVERY YEAR! When you're seeing something new every year, there inevitably will come a time where there is no longer something new to see. That's where we are now. We've seen 1,000 Skyrims and 400 Battle Royale type games, but when we look back on when Skyrim and Battle Royale's were new, of course they feel more nostalgic! When Fortnite and Warzonze and Apex legends were fun, they were new!! They're not anymore yet that's all we're getting nowadays! This is the ACTUAL reason gaming isn't fun anymore...

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