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Rare Street Food in Prague! (Street Food Tour in Prague!) 2024

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Take a culinary tour of Prague's bustling streets and sample some of the best street food the city has to offer. There's something to satisfy every craving, from hearty goulash served in bread bowls to savoury Czech classics like trdelník, a sweet pastry coated in cinnamon sugar. As you sample treats from local vendors, each dish bursting with flavour and tradition, explore bustling markets and hidden alleyways. Prague's street food scene promises an incredible culinary experience, whether you're craving freshly grilled sausages, crispy fried cheese, or delicious chimney cakes. Take a street food tour to learn, bite by bite, the delectable mysteries of this charming city.

Cover image by Ivan Kuptík

00:00 Start
00:30 American potatoes, Donats, Corn and Potato chips
02:10 Old Prague Ham and Sausage (Klobasa)
04:05 Langos and Potato Pancake
06:04 Trdelnik by Good Food
07:05 Knedlín Prague
09:25 Georgian Cuisine by Matoka
12:45 Prague sausage in Old Town
13:55 At the Czech cukrárna by Krusta
15:14 At the Czech cukrárna by Aux Merveilleux de Fred
16:57 Trdelnik at Holešovice Market

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