EXTREME Try Not To Laugh Impossible #59


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Is there any downsides to sharing your meals? Maybe this will answer that question

What power abuse in a workplace looks like - the ice cream shop edition

If you think mankind is cruel wait until you meet Mother Nature

The definition of what it means to rub it in someone else’s face

He could be a war veteran because this reaction to a popping balloon seems like it triggered flashbacks

Fresh muffins so adorable that the tongs are being as gentle as possible

The weather today is raining cats

New way to blow out birthday candles unlocked

Billiards just made it to the list of the world’s most dangerous sports

POV : coming home at 3am, who can relate?

Post goal celebration ? Or post goal warfare? Watch until the end

Repurposing things is an underrated hobby

Bromance between friends. It’s bound to happen at some point

When things you only see in movies happen in real life

Is he a great wingman or a terrible friend for this?

Would you rather walk, or have a car like this?

How names of cars sound when from different countries

Who else can relate to that feeling when the DJ plays your anthem ?

A journey to self improvement always has trolls lurking nearby

POV : you order the fish … and the regret starts to sink in

Intense work out juxtaposed with a cute gym partner to help with motivation

Be honest with yourself, you still ordering pizza after watching this? Only god is your witness

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