Can the Russian JDAMs Change the Fate of War in Ukraine?


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ings and Generals animated historical documentary series on Modern Warfare continues with a video on the Russian version of the JDAMS guided air bombs and if they can change the course of war in Ukraine. Previously, we talked if Crimea is really difficult to take, as we deduce how Ukraine may liberate the peninsula, possible strategy and the historical context (, explained why we call the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the War in Ukraine unprovoked, by going through various Russian claims and debunk them, including biolabs, NATO expansion, Nazis in Ukraine, a claim that Russia is fighting an existential threat, the so-call Donbas genocide and more (, on the 15 Events that Defined the War in Ukraine ( and on the possible vectors of the upcoming Ukrainian counter-attack ( Also, check out our biweekly reports on the military, political and economic events surrounding the war -

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Script: Elliot Hearn
Video: Christian Tankgau
Narration: OffyD

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