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BlueBucksClan - Different Levels (Official Video)

3 Views· 05/06/24
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Watch the official video from BlueBucksClan "Different Levels."

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BlueBucksClan "Different Levels" Lyrics

(It's Loyalty)

[Verse 1: BlueBucksClan DJ]
Y'all niggas doin' all that talkin', niggas weird (Niggas weird)
I can't hear, big diamonds in my ear (Big diamonds)
How we pass you niggas up in a year? (In a year)
Pullin' up in the fastest shit here (Fastest shit here)
Probably seen me with the baddest bitch here (Baddest bitch here)
Been that nigga, name a bitch I can't hit now (Name a bitch)
Different levels, you should see the hoes I hit now (You should see the hoes I hit now)
Different pedals, you should see the foreigns I whip now (You should see the foreigns I whip)
Got on all white, I can't sit down (I can't sit)
Saint Laurent and Dior, bitch, I'm dripped down (Bitch, I'm drippеd)
Twelve hundred on thеse shoes, only right to spend it (Yeah, fuck it)
Flyer than a motherfuckin' flight attendent (Bitch, I'm fly)
Told her put in my pocket, only right to give it (It's only right)
Your bitch tellin' me you cheap and you type expensive (Yeah, you type)
Same pussy I be turnin' down, you niggas fight to get it (You niggas fight for it)

[Verse 2: Jeeezy]
Diamonds strikin' in my ears, look like lightning hit it (Hittin' hard)
Bitches I don't wanna fuck, yeah, you might could hit it (Yeah, you might)
Pull up on her, get some top, you spend the night to get it (You spend the night)
Close the curtains in the double-R, yeah, I'm hidin' in it (Yeah, I'm hidin')
It's two hundred on this dash if I'm ridin' in it (If I'm ridin' in it)
My bitch got a sugar wax, yeah, I'm divin' in it (Should've dived)
Lawyer bitch let me fuck, yeah, I lied to get it (I had to lie)
Hundred thousand dollars on this 'fit to put my body in it (Put my body in it)
How we pass you niggas up in eight months? (These niggas weak)
In your videos smokin' fake Runtz (You niggas lame)
You niggas mad 'cause a verse cost a dub (Twenty thou')
Niggas' bitches seen me out and want a hug (They want a hug)
'Member sleepin' on that floor with fifty bugs (Fifty bugs)
Now I'm catchin' plays in Vegas, Henry Ruggs (Henry Ruggs)
I might pull up to my show with fifty thugs (Fifty thugs)
Load the pistols backstage, it's fifty guns (Fifty guns)

[Verse 3: BlueBucksClan DJ]
Yeah, I seen your video, was fifty bums (Fifty bums)
Five bands, treat that shit like fifty ones (Fifty dollars)
Yeah, I'm shittin' on these niggas, got the runs (Shittin' on these niggas)
Fuckin' on the same hoes as Diddy sons (Diddy sons)
Guarantee that bitch bad if she left with us (Left with us)
Somebody tell these lil' ass niggas step it up (Step it up)
Fuckin' up Dior, ain't nobody fresh as us (Ain't nobody fresh as us)
Lookin' down on these niggas, nobody next to us (Nobody next to us)

[Verse 4: Jeeezy]
Head fire, lock me up while I'm standin' up (Standin' up)
Do that shit you did to me to the rest of us (To the rest of us)
Broke niggas with no hoes the ones hate on us (Niggas lame)
Thirty in my pocket, I don't gotta say too much (Say too much)
In my DM, bitches tell me I play too much (Play too much)
Sip the juice, but I told my granny it's grapefruit punch (Grapefruit punch)
Wasted five-star meals, yeah, I ate too much (I ate too much)

[Verse 5: BlueBucksClan DJ]
Told her I just want some top, can't stay too much (I can't stay)
I don't never pass the 'Wood, I face too much (Yeah, I face)
Foreign gotta have a button, I race too much (Yeah, I race)
In the Prada store happy, I don't hate too much (I don't hate)
Fuck her from the back standin' up, I don't lay too much (I don't lay too much)

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