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22 Dangerous Animals you Should Never Touch

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Our planet has a lot of dangerous yet interesting-looking animals that we most certainly shouldn't touch even though it’s very tempting sometimes. Just because something is cute and adorable or just out of the ordinary doesn’t mean it's safe. Some may not appreciate you invading their personal space. From funny-looking sea creatures to scary-looking bugs, here are the dangerous animals you should never touch.
1. Sea Urchin
Sea Urchins can easily be mistaken for underwater rocks. They’re seen most commonly in Hawaiian waters. Surfers, snorkelers, or divers often run into these black thorny sea creatures. The urchin’s outer shell with these sharp customized weapons should be a clear indication that people should stay as far away from them as possible. These kinds of accidents can easily be avoided by just not touching the dangerous creature. Drivers should follow proper diving protocols and know their limits before jumping into the water. Urchins move very slowly along the algae on the reef, so it’s pretty easy to spot and stay away from them. In some parts of the world, a certain kind of sea urchin is considered a delicacy.
2. Pufferfish
Pufferfish is another ocean resident that you might want to steer clear of. It’s another animal that looks harmless but isn’t. Pufferfish are commonly known as blowfish. Belonging to the Tetraodontidae family, they are carnivorous and can grow up to three feet. Pufferfish can be of many kinds such as Congo, Dwarf, Golden, Red-Eyed, Fahaka, and so on. One thing that all these fish have in common is that they all have many spikes on their skin that are extremely dangerous and you should never touch these animals especially when are puffed up. The interesting fact is, even with the high threats that these fish posses to humans, people still like to have them in their home aquarium. Specifically in China, Korea, and Japan, this deadliest animal is considered a delicious treat.
3. Slow Loris
The Loris are the cutest animals ever and they can lure anyone into touching them. But a bite of this cute animal can actually end you. They are the only primates that have venoms and needless to say you should never touch them no matter how they tempt you. Self-control is the best control and trust me, you do not want to be the victim of the venom. The slow Loris collects it by locking its inner elbow, the brachial organ. In order for the toxin to be released from the arm gland, saliva is required. Apart from this very limited information, not much else is known about the chemical nature of the toxin. What we do know is that a bite from the Slow Loris is no joke.
4. Giant Titan beetle
The Giant Titan Beetle is one of the deadliest animals that you should never touch. It’s the largest beetle in the world and its size and looks alone should be enough reason not to mess with it. The strong jaws and legs of the wild insect are a deadly combination. The good news is. The Titans usually warn people by making a hissing sound before using their huge jaws to bite attackers and don’t attack unless provoked. So if you don’t want to lose a chunk of your flesh, don’t mess with them.
5. Giant water bug
These water bugs are the most dangerous bugs you can ever come across and no matter what you do, do not touch them. These insects can be found in certain parts of India and most of their species are quite large, the smallest being 0.75 inches. These bugs usually come out after a rain in great numbers. If anyone touches them or tries to smash them with bare hands, the result can be this highly disturbing skin condition. The amazing yet disturbing fact is, these dangerous bugs are a popular food item in many Southeast Asian countries much like the sea urchins. Some however believe the picture of the infected is not authentic and is a product of great photoshop work.
This picture has been circulating the internet for months and has caused a great debate on its authenticity. Do you believe it’s real or just a huge prank? Share your views in the comments below.
6. Blue-ring octopus
Looks can be deceiving and what better way to prove that than the Blue-ringed octopus? This particular breed of octopus is one of the prettiest and most dangerous animals in the ocean. They have these beautiful vibrant blue rings on them that invite people to take a closer look. But the moment humans come in contact with a blue ring octopus, their lives get in grave danger. These octopuses carry highly toxic venoms in their saliva. When they bite into their prey using the beak, the saliva instantly paralyzes it. These deadly animals don’t produce the toxin themselves. So if you come across a brightly colored octopus on your dive, you should never touch it and stay as far away from it as possible.
Have you ever seen or touched any of these? Which one do you think is the most dangerous? Let us know the comments below.
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